Where are we going…

A year ago, no one ever imagined that distances will take a new meaning. But if u really ask me what has changed in my life, then u will reply ” Probably nothing !!!”

Yes, unfortunate though presence or absence of covid  makes me no difference. Always locked up in my room with books, I would have not stepped out of my house even if the situation would have been normal. Finding people on social media to befriend and relax, this is something which is normal nowadays, corona or no corona. Aah!!! Yeah difference is for those who enjoyed parties, vacations, outings but not for people like me.

Today’s society is all about competition, but now all of a sudden everyone realised that life is precious too. And therefore now the priority went from studies to leading healthy life. Mental health became important when SSR attempted suicide, till then it was just a small issue which was ignored everytime.

Lack of oxygen made us realise the importance of air, till now it was easy for us to pollute the environment.

But no, no change in my life, it’s still the same..

We all realise everything after committing mistakes. But the question is ARE ALL MISTAKES FORGIVABLE? may be not..

Some mistakes can’t be forgiven, they require punishments…


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